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Situated on the Gulf of Eilat, fed by the sparkling blue waters of the Red Sea, Eilat boasts year round sunshine, excellent diving and a range of water sports unrivalled anywhere else in Israel.

One of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world, its bays, deep canyons and beautiful fish that swim among the majestic coral, have made Eilat an internationally renowned diving site. The coral reef has become a pilgrimage area for sea naturalists, professional and amateur divers  and snorkelers.

Not to be missed is a visit to the underwater observatory and marine museum exhibiting the rich corals and colourful fish of the Red Sea where sharks and sea turtles swim in large open air custom built tanks. The underwater observatory is a unique structure leading down to the seabed and from the windows at the base of the tower below sea level, the mysteries of the deep pass before your eyes. Nearby is the Dolphin Reef which is home to a school of dolphins.

The combination of a hot climate, tropical sea and a breathtaking background  of wild, bare granite mountains and a thriving cosmopolitan resort offering a wide range of activities, has turned Eilat into a tourist gem all the year round. Only one  hour by air from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and you enter a paradise of unspoilt beaches in a tropical setting.

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Eilat Scuba

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