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Jerusalem of Gold, Holy City to three religions, is steeped in ancient history where past meets present in a melting pot of people and cultures. Jerusalem is Israel’s capital and the Knesset (Israel’s Parliament) stands alongside the Hebrew University and Israel Museum.  Also home to many artistic, cultural and historical  attractions such as Yad Vashem (the Holocaust Memorial) and the Rockefeller Museum.

The old walled city is just as it must have been 2,000 years ago with its colourful market bazaars buzzing with bargains being struck as pilgrims hurry past on their way to prayer. Wander through the narrow  alleyways and visit the Western Wall (Wailing Wall), Church of Holy Sepulchre, Via Dolorosa and many other places of interest. Here the three religions meet on equal terms in a city which is really unique.

Today modern Jerusalem is a bustling capital where elegant boutiques and shopping centres contrast with traditional bazaars and markets. Cafes and restaurants offer visitors a welcome rest from the midday sun as well as providing stunning views of a city that has changed little over the centuries.

A stay in Jerusalem is a must for any visitor to Israel – an unforgettable experience to be treasured.

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