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Located on the shores of Lake Kinneret, Tiberias is one of the Holy Cities with many ancient synagogues and tombs of famous scholars. A favourite health resort, 200 metres (665 feet) below sea level, Tiberias is renowned for its ideal year round climate and therapeutic hot springs.  Famous for its healing and revitalising qualities, the rejuvenating hot mineral springs at Hamat Tiberias, offers a wide range of health treatments, mud packs, thermal baths, hydrotherapy and mineral pools

Lively commercial centre with many waterfront cafes, pubs and restaurants  (some specialising in  freshwater fish straight from the lake).  Excellent facilities for water sport lovers – sailing, water skiing, swimming and fishing.  A major tourist attraction and popular resort area makes Tiberias an ideal base for touring the Galilee.

Tiberias Town

Tiberias Mosiacs

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